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Suitable for all skin types, requires no maintenance. To correctly determine skin type, sometimes it is not so easy. How to determine your skin type you gathered. How to skin type, which has the features? How to care for dry skin should be made? Let's take a look at our bridal content!

Dry skin type

The epidermis of dry skin thin, small pores and is closed. However, the oil secretion is below normal, the appearance of dull and flaking may occur. The skin is tight, but it wrinkles quickly.

If you have dry skin type, milk type cleanser, alcohol-free toner, oil content, moisturizing, nourishing Night Cream, Eye Cream and moisture around the oil depot exfoliating masks you can use.

Normal skin type

Transparent the appearance of normal skin, closed pores, is spotless. For those with normal skin don't have too much problem. This skin care protects the natural beauty of a gentle type.

If you have normal skin type, milk type cleaners, alcohol, tonic and water content of a normal to a light moisturizer you can use.

Combination skin type

Combination skin forehead, nose and chin are oily. In the face that a T-shaped fat is seen. Parts of oily, black point, fat buttons, the open pores may have. The cheek pores are closed.

If you have combination skin type, milk-type cleaner, low-alcohol tonic, moisturizing the skin according to the condition of and, if necessary, you can use eye creams.

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