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Alexander McQueen Set to Release Tread Slicks on Monday | Beklentiler.com

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Amidst quarantine, Alexander McQueen has kept us busy with #McQueenCreators Instagram challenges, fostering a sense of creative escapism. The past week saw innovative ventures into the outdoors (with proper distancing measures) as part of the Nature challenge, fitting as restrictions begin to fractionally lessen. Of Nature, the brand’s Creative Director Sarah Burton has stated “I’ve always been inspired by nature – it’s a thread which runs through everything we create at McQueen”. 

The thread continues as the highly-anticipated Thread Slicks are photographed in natural settings across the world, mirroring a nostalgia within those affected by at-home confinement. The shoes, set to be launched on Monday, are perfect for stepping out post-quarantine; or, in the meantime, for an exploration into the outdoors. 

With slightly differing silhouettes, the Thread Slicks all retain a signature tonal style and an elevation brought by a rubber outsole. You can find the shoes on the brand’s website, and be sure to check out the photos below.

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