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Fashion is moving to digital education | Beklentiler.com

The Coronavirus outbreak continues to affect every area of our lives. One of the sectors affected with the Coronavirus outbreak in the fashion world. Many of the event he had to move to digital, led to different ideas put forward for the future.

"Brand new generation will be born a designer"

The fashion world epidemic all the activities in the process postpone, cancel, or had to move to digital. The fashion show is moved to all digital in the process, together with the many fashion sector is entering a different era we saw.

In this context, recently, an article in Forbes magazine "the world's leading fashion schools curricula slowly began preparing for this new era. You have to learn more in the field of Education, hereinafter a young fashion digital program. Computer programs known fashion designers, it's going to be enough for them. A whole new generation of children whose education is more and this digital designer will be born predominantly received" was included in the statements.

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