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Former basketball player John gacemer his Brazilian supermodel wife, Larissa Gacemer from social media rebelled.

"Has accepted me like this."

Larissa, the mother posted on Instagram with the video and you would be innate because of an illness, "I know some of you say you in good faith, but it is disrespectful and bad reviews thoroughly began. But for me, both for the inhabitants of both these states is enough. I've admitted that to myself. John also he accepted me.” , he said.

Hazal Kaya support

Hazal Kaya shared to Instagram from the account gacemer Larissa, "'he accepted me,' say you, very much touched me. So, I don't have this. You are an amazing woman. There's so much more as it is not a bit short. Teeth too good to pass up, obviously. Don't worry about it for a moment, it's because of the evil spirits. That's exactly what I was trying to say yesterday's video. Let everyone make such a statement about a woman's body, forced to feel ashamed. Instead of asking unlimited questions people, ask yourself: What About Me?" backed by a note.

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