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Tips for creating a healthy sleep environment | Beklentiler.com

A healthy night's sleep is essential for a comfortable environment to be in. Here's some tips to create the appropriate environment for healthy sleep, which is essential.

Room temperature edit

A healthy sleep environment 15.6°C to 19.4°C at a temperature of should be.

Of your room at night and 15.6 19.4°C there are several ways to ensure that it will remain between you and me:

- Set your sleep time to decrease your home's heating system. For example, during the day, you may hold a slightly higher degree of heat, but at night the temperature is lower.

- Temperature rises or falls outside the range of ideal sleep, the windows or turn on the air conditioning. You can mount a thermostat to regulate temperature in your room even your sleeping area.

Temperature of an air conditioner or a fan to circulate the air in the hot months and avoid run.

Change the bed linen in the transition seasons

In the month of January that you use comfortable blankets, for the summer season may not be suitable. Keep a lightweight blanket in your bed for use in the hot months to prevent overheating.

In the same way, bitter a cold snap can come in. More warmth for a few days or weeks for your quilt you may need to add another blanket on top.

Avoid caffeine in the afternoon or evening

In the afternoon and evening that contain caffeine coffee, tea or soda may make you to fall asleep at night. Instead, when it comes time for bed after a certain time of the day to avoid unwanted alertness decaf drinks.

Keep your room dark

Note that you don't want any light while sleeping. A street lamp or the light of the sun from entering your room with blinds or curtains cover the windows to prevent it.

Flashing lights, light-emitting electronic devices such as telephones, computer monitors or remove it from the sleeping area.

Embrace the silence

In your bedroom can prevent you from falling asleep or that you wake up in the middle of the night should not be a source of noise. Devices that make a noise and keep the sounds made by others, consider using a headset if you cannot stop.

Set a sleep routine

Your body's circadian rhythm for healthy sleep for your body and you need to follow a regular routine it creates. Try to go to bed at the same time every day.

Your phone or other light-emitting a blue screen half an hour before your bedtime or 1 hour before close. The night before turning off the light for reading a book, or consider making a calming thing, such as breathing exercises and meditation.

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