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Nothing reflects status and personality like a watch.

Nothing reflects status and personality like a watch. Owning a classic timepiece is the epitome of sophistication and luxury. A great watch reflects the inspiration and character of its designer. While many watch companies offer run of the mill designs, few are willing to push the envelope and offer their customers the exclusivity they are looking for. Vincent Michael Tome, popularly known as Vince Tome, is the founder of Vincénzö Collection. He is famous for designing opulent and stylish timepieces that have redefined luxury. 


V​ince’s motivation is all about delivering exceptional quality timepieces for those who aren’t afraid to chase the lifestyle of their dreams. “When you are designing a watch, you have to design it with the wearer in mind. Are they powerful? Do they hold influence? You want to reflect that?” says Vince. “That is what makes watch design such a rare art form. It’s all about striking the perfect balance with each design.”  


“​A watch is the final piece of a great look,” explains Vince. “You should never compromise in this regard.” Vince takes his designs very seriously. He knows that designing an exclusive watch is an art form that cannot be mass-produced. Maintaining the idea that watches are often the defining part of anyone’s look, Vince focuses on styles that convey a simple intricacy lending to a powerful statement.  



Born in Royal Oak, MI, Vince now resides in Florida, where he runs his fashion and accessories company, Vincénzö Collection. “I have curated and created a collection specifically for entrepreneurs, influencers, athletes, and other power players,” says Vince. “This pushes us to offer cutting edge designs with a modern and minimalist flair. It’s about crafting an artistic masterpiece.” While the collection includes items ranging from luxurious accessories to his world-famous smart wallet, Vince’s watches are the most sought after best-sellers. 



Vincénzö Collection is not only turning heads, but it has become a household name. The company is crafting exclusive pieces that are built to last. With well-crafted bands, gold accents, and sleek designs, Vincénzö Collection presents watch design in its purest form.  


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